What I found out at work today.

So today my boss called me into her office today to tell me about an interesting conversation she had with one of my patients last night. My boss called this woman to confirm an appointment time so my patient decides this is a good opportunity to ask questions about me. So ya know what she fuckin says… by the way this a woman in her 70s. She said, (and I quote). Is that Vincent really straight? What the fuck is that. Would you ever call someones place of business and ask what kinda genitals they prefer. If you’re wondering if I’m going to say something to this patient…Yes I fucking am. The weirdest part is that last week a patient asked the same questions because she felt I’d be better to work with if I was gay (not that there’s anything wrong with that) but what the fuck difference does it make. I don’t know but I’ll update soon on the response. Also, apparently there were some problems with the photos taken of me for the company’s website. My head is too shiny for outside pictures so the photographer had to photoshop my head. There’s hundreds of millions of bald guys, do they all photoshop their picture or is my head so big and fucking shiny we can’t get a good picture. But I ended up looking up pictures of someone who people say I look a lot alike (Jamie Foxx) and apparently he has the same problem so it all adds up now. It’s a tough life me and Jamie live.

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